Ponte Vedra Naturally
The St. Johns County Chamber had come up with a strategy to promote the city of Ponte Vedra by dividing all that encompasses what it means to visit and ultimately live in the city into “Experiences”. They wanted to jump right into marketing these experiences with individual websites. I brought to their attention that only 1 of the 4 experiences had a logo and that all need their own visual identity. I designed two of the visual identities one of which was so well received it would go on to replace the only logo they had at the time, Ponte Vedra Naturally.
The design I presented, and they ultimately selected used positive and negative space to create a focused design of local plant, animal life and nature that had immediate impact.

Ponte Vedra Arts & Heritage
Ponte Vedra Arts & Heritage covers a broad range of artistic disciplines . The visual identity had to speak to this diversity which includes musical performances by local and world renown artist, small art festivals to upscale fine art exhibits and more. I designed this visual identity to handle this broad range while feeling like an appropriate representation for local and upscale events.