Ponte Vedra Naturally
Ponte Vedra Naturally is part of The St. Johns Chamber’s 'Experience Ponte Vedra' marketing campaign. Ponte Vedra Naturally promotes the city’s offerings of 25 uniques nature based experiences. These experiences include miles of beaches, nature trails, and a nature preserve all with diverse plant and animal life. The Chamber had initially tried to develop Ponte Vedra Naturally’s visual identity in-house, but their efforts through use of modified stock art produced lackluster results.
My approach was to create a visual representation of Ponte Vedra’s nature experience. The design is fun and fluid as it uses positive and negative space to present the area’s aquatic, plant, and animal life.

Ponte Vedra Arts & Heritage
The Arts component was the next visual identity that needed to be developed under the Experience Ponte Vedra campaign. Ponte Vedra Arts & Heritage covers a broad range of artistic disciplines. The visual identity had to speak to this diversity, which ranges from musical performances by local and world renown artists, small art festivals to upscale fine art exhibits and more. I designed this visual identity to feel appropriate whether promoting an event, great or small.
The shared colors and typography structure provided a harmonious element when both Ponte Vedra Naturally and Ponte Vedra Arts & Heritage are marketed together in the Experience Ponte Vedra campaign.