The Little Looster
The Little Looster - Booster for the Loo is the brainchild of Portland Oregon couple Monica and Phil Mylet. A patented wrap around style potty training stool, The Little Looster was Monica’s concept for a device that would not have to be moved back and forth between child time and adult time in the bathroom. During the infancy of the company, Monica enjoyed close collaboration with a local Portland artist who developed the kangaroo mascot, logo and slogan. Upon moving to St. Augustine, Monica and Phil desired the same close collaboration with a local company to take the company to the next stage. They would need marketing materials to compliment the work they had started in Portland.
I crafted print marketing materials that included product labels, investor marketing materials, and customer marketing materials. The Mylet’s achieved their goals; which were to first get their product into big box stores and then to sell The Little Looster company to assist in their ultimate plan for retirement in Florida.

The Little Looster product label.
The two-sided business card maximized advertising opportunities, using the back as a leave behind advertisement.
The Little Looster rack card could be found in displays used at daycares and various pre-k facilities.