Devil's Elbow Fishing Resort
Devil’s Elbow Fishing Resort got its name from a portion of a treacherous channel known to be the “devil” to navigate. The long-time family-owned business was passed down to Karen and her husband Henry. The two would embark on the most substantial updates to the grounds in the business’ 50+ year history. Devil's Elbow had become a true fishing resort now offering cabin style porch accommodations that overlook the Intracoastal Waterway. The facility retained its original rustic, fully stocked bait and tackle shop while updating its boat ramps, docks, and adding new boat rentals and guided tours.
In recognition of this new chapter in the family business' history, a new logo and new branding direction were sought. My resulting design communicated their fishing roots and their ties to the channel, all in a fresh new look to represent their expanded business.

Devil's Elbow was well known in the area by locals and frequent visitors alike, however it was only known as a good place to launch one's boat. A website redesign would be key in educating their customer base of all they now had to offer. I accomplished this by simply laying out the many amenities available, including their enticing starting costs. The positive response was immediate after the launch of the site, with cottage reservations doubling.